Outside Straight Draw
Your hole cards and the board contain four cards in a closed sequence that allows the rank on either end to complete the straight. An example would be T46946 in the hole, with a flop of J•8V 6V: any Q or i gives you the straight.

- Your odds of completing are a little less than those of a flush draw. These are still roughly 1:2 by the end of the hand, but closer to 1:5 on each card. At the most basic level, you can play this draw the same way as a flush draw in a small game. You still need two opponents to make it profitable.

- The biggest difference is that you must be more watchful for higher hands, including higher straights, that push you in the direction of folding. For example, you should be wary of straight draws that could give you the low end of a sequence-especially when you would be playing only one card to make it.
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