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What Rules Should You Play By?
As a home game host, there is no reason for you not to play poker the same way it is played by serious players in casinos and card rooms. You have. nothing to lose and much to gain by trying to recreate casino ~standards as closely as is practical. That is what the rules in this chapter will accomplish. If you are new to poker, adopting these rules will allow you and -,-our players to use your home games to prepare for serious casino play if you ever decide to try it. And if you are already an experienced player, humoring casino rules at your home game will prevent you from developing various bad habits that come from playing informally. Some of these habits can cost you real money in serious games where rules are strictly enforced.

But an even bigger advantage of playing standard poker games by the standard rules is that it opens the door to a library of poker books made available for your benefit by the literati of professional poker. I can explain the basics of competent poker play in this hook, but you must build on that foundation and seek out the wisdom of the experts-in addition to building up experience by playing, of course-if you want to become a serious competitive player at your home game or anywhere else. If you play Roll Your Own, the books written by Lou Krieger, David Sklansky, Lee Jones, and all the others are basically inapplicable; but if you play standard poker games by the formal rules, those books are indispensable.
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