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Playing The Flop
The mathematics of draws in Omaha can get complex because you often have more than one draw, and some of your draws may be up against better draws (your 9 high flush may not be the best flush, and if you have a bottom two pair and make a full house, it might not be the best full house).

In most loose games, you'll want to see a lot of flops, but if all you flop is a draw, you usually should just give it up on the flop. Hands like the top set, likely to be the best hand, should be played very aggressively. Strong draws that are likely to make the nuts should also be played aggressively. Hands that are less than the nuts and draws to potentially second-best hands should be played more carefully.

The flop often gives you a few backdoor draws. These are draws where you have three to a straight or flush and need both of the final two cards to hit you in order to make your hand. By itself, a backdoor draw is close to worthless. But sometimes a combination of backdoor draws can be worth playing. This is not always an easy decision. You need to especially take into account your position relative to hands that haven't acted yet. The greater the chance that there might be a raise, the more you should tend toward folding hands that are mostly made up of backdoor draws.
Having a Great Guys' Night Out
Drinking-even a little-will hurt your results and might cause you to overlook some lessons from the play that you would otherwise pick up. These lessons are a big reason that you are playing real card games in the first place. But having a good time is important in a home game, and if you are playing at relatively low limits, the enjoyment of you and your guests is worth a few missed bets. You're trying to simulate the play of casino poker, but that's a little different than duplicating the grind of casino poker. If you are capable of drinking responsibly and you need a few belts to loosen up, go ahead. Hopefully eve11°onc else will too, and the effects -will cancel each other out.


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