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Video poker games exerts a near-mystical pull on America's gamblers. It's the nation's legendary frontier games plus the best elements of a slot machine. That is powerful stuff.

Video poker games is also popular because it seems inherently fair. There's no hidden house edge or secretly tight machines. Each draw is from a freshly shuffled deck. Every player has a chance and a choice. Video poker games is one of the few casino contests that can have a positive financial expectation. Play the right machine, long enough, in the right way and video poker games is guaranteed to pay back more than it takes in.

On the whole video poker games is one of the best values for your gambling dollar. We'll cover the positive expectation opportunities later in the page, but in the meantime please don't sell anything to go play video poker games. The commitment required for positive returns is not for everyone; in fact, it's not for most people.

If you know poker games then you know the basics of video poker games. You want the highest hand. Card combinations that make the various hands are ranked in Figure below. Beyond that and the concept of the draw you should forget everything you know about the table games when playing the video version. You can't bluff the computer, raise, or call. There's no pot. The computer deals you five cards. You can keep all of them, some, or none. The computer deals replacements as necessary. The new combination is your hand. Winners are paid according to a pay table posted on the machine.

The most basic games is Jacks or Better; hands with two jacks or higher win. Other video poker games versions include Deuces Wild where 2s count as any value the player requires. Joker poker games inserts a joker into the deck as a wild card. Double Joker poker games inserts two jokers. poker games Frenzy deals each card from a different deck making it possible for you to have five cards of the same rank and suit. There are many more games variations. In some cases a minimum win requires kings or better, three of kind, or two pairs. Whatever the games, the play remains the same for (nearly) every machine. Receive five cards, draw, the result is your hand.

Buttons on a video poker games machine are similar to those on a slot machine except that Spin is replaced by Deal, and each card has a button for holding. Newer video poker games machines use touch screens and include computer-style help functions. The single most important element of every video poker games machine is the pay table. It shows the amount of coins or credits that will be paid for winning hands, and it completely determines the character of the games. To understand why let's take a look at the inside of a video poker games machine.

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